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Security Personnel

Comet Security strives to provide the best in class service to our clients at all times. Our ultimate goal is to always deliver the superior service and professionalism our clients come to expect. Our extensive hiring and training process gives Comet Security the assurance that our staff is prepared to represent our business as well as the interests of the client. Our employees consist of armed and unarmed guards as well as retired officers which allows Comet Security to expand into different aspects of the industry. We continue to stay up to date with the latest state of the art technology to provide to our team, which allows them to execute their objectives with simplicity and accuracy. Our clients have the ability to be a part of the technology we provide so they can be assured the tasks and objectives are being fulfilled as promised. Our GPS and security camera devices allow us to get an up to the minute update on the status of our team as well as the ability to record and review any incidents that occurred on the premises.


Comet Security strives to keep the communication lines open throughout the entire company. Management is directly involved with the clientele as well as the employees to ensure we are providing the best in class service as well as ensuring our employees have everything they need to fulfill their job duties. Emergencies are transmitted from the incident, all the way to the executives which ensures everyone is aware of the situation and updated periodically so that we can make the best decisions possible.



Our guards are our “Boots On The Ground” so it’s imperative to Comet Security that they are treated with the utmost respect and provided with a competitive incentive package as well as the full support system from the management division. Our employees know they can reach out to their superiors at any time for support due to our “Open Door Policy." We care about the concerns and questions from our staff and as a result, our business morale continues to strive.



Security Personnel Services Include But Not Limited To:


  • On Site Security

  • Home Watch Services

  • Vehicle & Foot Patrol

  • Event Security

  • Fire Safety

  • CCTV Camera Security

  • Personal Security

  • Executive Security

  • Security Consulting Services

  • Private Investigations

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